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Today, I was selfish.

Today, I was selfish: I spent over two hours on my mat instead of writing some very long overdue blog posts. As a basket of clean laundry waited to be folded, I sat outside on my patio and watched my dog happily run around in the sunshine. I left my phone buried at the bottom of my purse for the majority of the day, … Read More Today, I was selfish.


First week of 2018: Goals Check In

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe we’re already through the first week of the new year?! With the first seven days behind us, this is a great opportunity to check in on your goals for 2018. How are they going? Is there anything you’ve needed to change or adjust? Maybe you’ve fallen off track a bit? If so, that’s okay! It’s never too late … Read More First week of 2018: Goals Check In