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But please call me MB! I’m a certified holistic health coach who loves plant-based eats, yoga, green smoothies and helping people become the best versions of themselves.
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Health Coaching

So you’re ready to make a change with your health, once and for all. You’ve been here before – you’re motivated, ready and focused…but you still feel like there’s just something missing that has prevented you from succeeding before.
Enter: a health coach. What’s a health coach? Great question. I’m here to a support, guide and mentor you on reaching your health and wellness goals through food & lifestyle changes in a way that’s totally customized to you. From nutrition and the food that you eat to the lifestyle factors that make up your every day, we’ll take a holistic approach that supports you as a whole person as you work toward making long-lasting positive changes.

Let’s Do This

Get to know me:

I am married to a wonderful man named Steve and we have a corgi named Cooper. Coop definitely runs the show in our house.

I hate mushrooms. H-a-t-e. If there are mushrooms in or near anything that I’m eating, I won’t eat it. Very mature, I know.

I love tacos. #TacoTuesday is a weekly staple in our household.

I think the most important relationship that we can have in this lifetime is the one we have with ourselves. Taking care of ourselves and recognizing the value in doing so is essential to our health and happiness.